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Wickey Climbing frame with slide and wooden roof MultiFlyer DeLuxe

Image of Wickey Climbing frame with slide and wooden roof MultiFlyer DeLuxe
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Wickey Climbing frame with slide and wooden roof MultiFlyer DeLuxe
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Climbing frame with slide Wickey MultiFlyer DeLuxe„Get ready for take-off!“ The crew members stow the luggage in the sandy engine room and climb over the climbing ladder and climbing wall on board of the fantastic MultiFlyer DeLuxe. After the plane has taken off and reached its flight altitude, the captain steers his plane past cotton candy clouds and right through the middle of a golden lemonade rain. Suddenly, the plane gives a slight jolt. The crew members, who have made themselves comfortable under the wooden roof, take hold of the handles very quickly. The crew, which has made itself comfortable under the wooden roof, quickly clings to the handles. The courageous pilot looks through the telescope and promptly discovers the cause: Two birds of paradise have settled on the double swing and take a break from a long flight. The smallest of the crew bravely rushes down the wave slide and brings the two birds on board. The plane is in balance again and together they continue their journey through Rainbowland! Fly, Wickey, fly...!Product detailsWickey Flyer SeriesPressure-treated solid woodQuality and safety testedMultiple configurations possible10 year guarantee* on all wooden componentsPlatform height 120 cmPost thickness 9x4.5 cmSwing beam 9x9 cmAnd it includes all of thisSlide with water connection 220 cm2 Swing seats incl. adjustable ropes4 Swing hooks with plastic bearingsWooden swing connector5 Climbing holds4 Plastic handlesRacing steering wheelTelescopeWeatherproof tarpaulin 650 gr/m²Ladder angledClimbing wall straightWooden roofSticker foilWickey stickerIntegrated sandpitAll required screwsTwo-piece safety caps to cover screwsComprehensive assembly instructions for easy constructionCreativity is very important to us. That is why we do not deliver the tarpaulin and the sticker-film pre-cut, allowing you and your children to give your fantasy free reign. Have our images inspired you? You can find the cutting patterns for the tarpaulin in the assembly instructions for your climbing frame.Wood is a natural product that changes its volume through drying or moisture absorption. Wickey wants to make the installation as easy as possible for you. For this reason, it is advisable to drill some of the wooden elements yourself to ensure an accuracy of fit as well as stability.AttentionNot recommended for children under 3 years of ageAll measurements shown are approximate* The specified guarantee applies to all wooden parts. Additional information regarding the scope of the guarantee and its assertion can be found in our guarantee declaration.

Product Details

Brand: Wickey Flyer
EAN: 4250533908311
Material: Holz
Gender: unisex


Wickey Climbing frame with slide and wooden roof MultiFlyer DeLuxe