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Bresser Y 08 shooting tent (Dimensions: 120x120x120 cm)

Image of Bresser Y 08 shooting tent (Dimensions: 120x120x120 cm)
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Bresser Y-08 shooting tentThis mini photo studio is very suitable for product photography. Consider, for example, photographing ceramics, fashion accessories, jewelery, and electronics. The material on the inside of the box has the property that it minimizes reflections and distributes the light evenly. The material of the light box gives a neutral color temperature. Extra informationThis box is highly recommended for people who often sell small items via the internet. The photos of the products are well exposed and the details will be clearly visible. Because the box is collapsible, you can easily take it on location. There is a hole at the front where the lens can be inserted. The mini photo studio comes with four backgrounds.

Product Details

Brand: Bresser
EAN: 4007922015569
Color: white


Bresser Y 08 shooting tent (Dimensions: 120x120x120 cm)