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Bresser SM 14 jumbo paraplu wit/zwart 145cm

Image of Bresser SM 14 jumbo paraplu wit/zwart 145cm
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Menik SM-14 umbrellaThese umbrellas have a white lining on the inside and on the outside a black, fabric lining that does not let light through. These umbrellas are suitable for obtaining a soft effect with indirect lighting. The reflection umbrella provides a reflection of the light. The advantage of reflection flashes is that you can manipulate shadows or even work completely away. An umbrella with a black exterior can only be used for reflection purposes. Extra informationThese umbrellas have a good finish, strong balleinen and are made with a strong fabric / foil. The bar thickness of the SM-14 is 8 mm, making it suitable for all flash units with an umbrella connection. The umbrellas are foldable and easy to carry. Ø 122 cm


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Product Details

Brand: Menik
Category: Studio Light & Flash Accessories
EAN: 4007922019499
Color: black
Gender: unisex


Bresser SM 14 jumbo paraplu wit/zwart 145cm