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Bresser M 17 ultra beauty dish 56cm

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Bresser M-17 Ultra Beauty DishThe light effect created by this beauty dish is between that of a soft box and direct lighting. The disc has a diameter of 46 cm reflective, matt silver inside that bundles the light to one concentrated point. The result is a more accentuated light effect. In addition, this reflector has an additional internal diffuser that is placed in front of the setting lamp and flash tube. This creates a harder, more direct light. If you want to combine the light even more, you can optionally use a honeycomb grid.Specifications:Reflector / Beauty DishLength: 16 cmDiameter: 56 cmViewing angle of 85 °S-bayonet connection (compatible with Bresser, Bowens, Lastolite, Qihe and CLM) Indoor diffuser


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Product Details

Brand: Bresser
Category: Lighting & Studio
EAN: 4007922015798
Color: silver
Gender: unisex


Bresser M 17 ultra beauty dish 56cm