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Bresser Junior Microscope Set 40x 1024x USB (Including suitcase: no)

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Not just a microscope Playfully discover the world of optics! This microscope set with PC eyepiece is more than a classic microscope. It is flexible and can be connected to your computer. This way you can store, store and share everything that you observe. You can choose from a model with or without a suitcase.Magnification up to 1024 × This microscope comes with two wide-angle eyepieces with a magnification of 10 × and 16 × respectively. In addition, you get three lenses with a magnification of respectively 4 ×, 10 × and 40 ×. The maximum magnification of 1024 × can be obtained with the Barlow lens supplied, which increases every magnification by 1.6 ×. What do I receive at home?Large microscope set with many useful accessoriesTwo wide angle eyepieces (WF-10x and WF-16x)3 objectives (4x, 10x, 40x)Barlow lens (1.6x)PC eyepiece Bright LED lighting for viewing and viewingIncludes software for Windows XP, Windows 7This product can be perfectly combined with the Bresser experiments .To keep in mind Although this product is specially made for children, the manuals for Bresser products are usually delivered in German and English. There is therefore no Dutch manual for this product


The Bresser Junior Biolux Microscope is a translucent microscope set with a magnification of 40x to 1024x. This is more than just a classic microscope. The microscope is robustly designed and can take a beating. It is not only flexible to use but you can also connect it to the computer. Comes with a PC eyepiece. Suitable for children from 8 years. Also very suitable for schools and groups. The PC eyepiece works on desktop PC's: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. Features of the Bresser Junior Biolux Microscope * Extensive microscope set with extensive accessory package * USB eyepiece to connect a PC * Clear LED light * Image processing software * Magnification: 40x - 1024x Package contents * 1x Bresser Biolux Microscope * 1x USB Eyepiece * 1x Internal Barlow lens * 1x WF10 Wide-field eyepiece * 1x WF16 Wide-field eyepiece * 5x Slides * 10x Covers * 5x Pre-prepared preparations * 1x Pipette * 1x Tweezers * 1x Shrimp farm * 1x Emulsion oil * 1x Software * 3x AA Batteries

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Brand: Bresser
Category: Microscopes
EAN: 4007922197616
Gender: unisex


Bresser Junior Microscope Set 40x 1024x USB (Including suitcase: no)