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Bresser JDD 6 daylight lamp (Capacity: 85 W)

Image of Bresser JDD 6 daylight lamp (Capacity: 85 W)
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Energy efficientThese fluorescent lamps are nowadays the most used lamps for product photography or other purposes that require continuous lighting. This is due to a number of facts. The lamps are five times more efficient than a halogen lamp, last 20 times longer and also produce five times more light than a halogen lamp. The lamps also have a constant color temperature of 5500Kelvin, making the lamps very useful for many purposes.The Bresser JDD-6 daylight lamp is available in eight different wattages which are highlighted below.Various modelsModel 1: 25 watts (comparable to 125 watt halogen)Model 2: 30 watts (similar to 150 watt halogen)Model 3: 35 watts (comparable to 175 watt halogen)Model 4: 40 watts (similar to 200 watt halogen)Model 5: 55 watts (similar to 275 watt halogen)Model 6: 85 watts (similar to 425 watt halogen)Model 7: 105 watts (similar to 525 watt halogen)Model 8: 125 watts (similar to 625 watt halogen)

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Brand: Bresser
EAN: 4007922016405


Bresser JDD 6 daylight lamp (Capacity: 85 W)