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Bresser CD series Digital (Power flash: 400)

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The Bresser CD-400 is a professional digital studio flash with an adjustable flash power from 1/32 to full power. In addition, the 150W modeling lamp can also be controlled separately from the flash. Thanks to the built-in high sensitivity slave you can automatically co-flash up to a distance of 20 meters. The flash can be set to co-flash on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd flash of your camera flash. The built-in motor cooling ensures that the flash is properly cooled during photography. The set flash output is displayed on a digital display, it is easy to use. The built-in Sony microprocessor ensures a reliable and constant power output. Thanks to the sturdy "turn-click" bayonet connection on the front of the flash, the largest accessories available fit on this flash. Suitable for both the amateur and the professional photographer and to be used for product and portrait photography, for example. This flash has a stylish and solid metal rubberized housing. Features of the Bresser Flash CD-400 Digital * Flash power 400W. * Well-arranged control panel * Easy operation * Variable adjustable flash power (1/32 to 1/1) * Plug-in flash tube, easy to change yourself * Setting lamp 150W individually and variably adjustable * Strong engine cooling * Overheat protection with prolonged use * Fast charging time (1-2 seconds) * Long-distance synchronization (up to 20 meters) * Sturdy (Bowens) S-bayonet connection for accessories * Strong tilting head with tripod connection and opening for an umbrella * Solid body for sustainable use * Automatic co-flash (built-in slave) * Flash on 1st, 2nd or 3rd preflash of camera flash * Suitable for many effect accessories Included with the Bresser flash CD-400 digital * Bresser CD-400 studio flash * 150W modeling lamp * Flash tube * Synchro flash cable * Tilt head with tripod connection * Power cable * Protective cover Not included with the Bresser flash CD-400 digital * Metal reflector


Bresser CD series DigitalProfessionalism, durability and ease of use are the three points on which the strobes in this series score high. They have features that are indispensable for the professional photographer. For example, it has a variable adjustable flash output of 1/32 to 1/1 and a separately adjustable flash lamp of 150 watts. In addition, the built-in slave ensures that the flash can be operated up to a distance of 20 meters. This can be set on the first, second or third flash of your camera. To guarantee long-lasting top performance, this flash has a strong, built-in cooler and is also equipped with a beautifully designed metal housing with rubber coating. CheckThe CD studio flash units have an S-bayonet connection at the front, allowing you to connect different accessories. The rear has a clear and easy to operate control panel on which the set flash power is displayed. All these features make this studio flash ideal for both product and portrait photography. The flash units in this series can optionally be controlled with a remote control. What is delivered:Studio flashProtective capSynchro flash cableSetting lamp (150 Watt)Flash tubeNodding head with tripod connectionPower supply cable(excluding metal reflector) The Bresser CD studio flash units are available in the following five models: CD200 - Power flash 200WsCD400 - Power flash 400WsCD600 - Power flash 600WsCD800 - Power flash 800WsCD1200 - Power flash 1200Ws

Product Details

Brand: Bresser Optics
Category: Studio Lights & Flashes
EAN: 4007922019543
Material: metal
Color: grey


Bresser CD series Digital (Power flash: 400)