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Bresser Carbon Telescope Pluto 114/500 EQ

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Excellent light collection and reflection The Bresser Pluto 114/500 EQ-SKY is a large Newton reflecting telescope, also called reflector. This telescope combines a large lens of 14 mm with a short focal length of 500 mm. Because of the large lens this telescope has an excellent light collection and an equally good reflection. Distant objects come into your reach easily, in the smallest details. Simple localisation The Bresser Pluto 114/500 EQ-SKY has a focal ratio of 4.4. Because of the parallactic assembly you can follow objects in the night sky extremely well. The included aluminium tripod with equatorial assembly ensures that the telescope is standing steady and also makes localising celestial objects easier. With this telescope you can even watch objects that are outside our solar system. Aiming and focusing With the LED viewfinder you can localise objects extremely fast, and then you'll be able to focus on it well. You will be able to see easily and without magnification what the telescope is focused on, by means of the red dot. The eyepiece consists of 2 Kellner lenses with a magnification of 4 and 20 mm. The supplied astro software guides you on your way through the universe.On this telescope a tracking motor can be mounted; this ensures that the telescope can keep tracking objects once you've found them. A tracking motor is highly recommended for making photos with the telescope. Naturally you can order this from us too.What will you get?Bresser Pluto 114/500 Newton reflector2x Kellner eyepiece (4 mm and 25 mm)LED viewfinder (red dot finder)Aluminium tripodEQ-SKY equatorial mountAstro-software "Cartes du Ciel"

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Brand: Bresser
EAN: 4007922145136


Bresser Carbon Telescope Pluto 114/500 EQ