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Bresser BR 2118B Daylight set with photobox 60x60 cm

Image of Bresser BR 2118B Daylight set with photobox 60x60 cm
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The best product photosTo make the best product photos it helps if you have good accessories. The Bresser BR-2118B Daylight Set is a complete set, equipped with everything you need to start with product photography. With this daylight set you get, among other things, a recording box of 60 centimeters . The recording box is equipped with white side walls, which reduce the reflections and ensure uniform illumination. After use you can fold the box and use it as a carrying bag for the other parts of the kit. Ideal for storing at home or for on location.Daylight lampsIn addition, the set consists of two daylight lamps of 50W . These lamps are equipped with tripod legs, so you do not have to buy a tripod here anymore. In addition, a camera tripod is included. This tripod is suitable for a light and small camera. You also get four different background cloths: a black, red, blue and white cloth. This way you can choose which background suits your product best.


The Bresser BR-2118B Photo Studio XL 60x60x60cm is a handy and foldable photography box with diffuse milk-white sides which minimise the reflections when taking product photos. The lightweight tent can be folded and is easy to carry. Ideal to take with you for shooting on-site. This set includes 2 lamps and a small tripod plus 4 different backgrounds. You can start photographing right away. Features of the Bresser BR-2118B Photo Studio XL 60x60x60cm * Mini studio set, to get started right away * Recommended for product photography * Reduces interfering reflections and shadows * Uncomplicated installation and dismantling * Make professional photos of products * Lamp power: 50 W * Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 60 cm In the box * 1x Tripod * 2x Lamp * 4x Background cloth * Bag

Product Details

Brand: Bresser
Category: Lighting & Studio
EAN: 4007922031941
Color: white
Gender: unisex


Bresser BR 2118B Daylight set with photobox 60x60 cm