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Bresser 5986000 30 Preparados biológicos permanentes (animales)

Image of Bresser 5986000 30 Preparados biológicos permanentes (animales)
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Discover the animal kingdom with this Bresser Microscope preparations 30 pieces: Animals. For contrast enhancement these are already colored. The following preparations are included in this set: * Paramecium W.M. * Paramecium Conjugation, W.M. * Paramecium in Fission, W.M. * Euglena W.M. * Hydra C.S. * Hydra, Spermary, C.S. * Hydra L.S. * Hydra With Bud, W.M. * Schistosoma Male, W.M. * Schistosoma Female, W.M. * Ascaris Egg, C.S. * Schistosoma Miracidia, W.M. * Schistosoma Ceraroae, W.M. * Schistosoma Adults in Copula, W.M. * Bladder Worm, W.M. * Tapeworm, Mature Proglottid, W.M. * Ascaris Female and Male, C.S. * Mitosis Horse Ascaris Eggs, Sec. * Earthworm C.S. * Honey Bee Mouth Parts, W.M. * Mosquito Mouth Parts, W.M. * Culex Common House Mosquito, Larva, W.M. * House Fly Mouth Parts, W.M. * Butterfly Mouth Parts, W.M. * Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M. * Ant W.M. * Clam Gill, C.S. * Frog Egg, C.S. * Frog Liver, Sec. * Blood Pigeon, Smear


Discover the animal worldThis preparation set from Bresser is intended to learn more about the animal world and their parasites. In the sturdy wooden box there are 30 pre-prepared microscope slides, each with a parasite or body part. The preparations are colored for an extra contrast enhancing image.The set consists of the following preparations:ParameciumParamecium ConjugationParamecium in FissionEuglenaHydraHydra SpermaryHydra OvaryHydra with buttonSchistosoma (male)Schistosoma (female)Ascaris eggSchistosoma MiracidiaSchistosoma CercaroaeAdult Schistosoma in CopulaBlow of a wormTapewormAscaris (man and woman)Mitosis horse, Ascaris egg.EarthwormHoneybee mouthpieceMosquito mouthpieceCulex, common houseHousefly mouthpieceButterfly mouthpiecesHoneybee hind legAntMussel legFrog eggFrog liverPig's blood

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Brand: Bresser
Category: Microscopes
EAN: 4007922152974
Color: white
Gender: unisex


Bresser 5986000 30 Preparados biológicos permanentes (animales)