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Bresser 5013000 BioDiscover Microscopio (AL/DL, 40x 1280x)

Image of Bresser 5013000 BioDiscover Microscopio (AL/DL, 40x 1280x)
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Use striking light This Bresser Bio Discover 20x-1280 microscope is a strange duck when it comes to biological microscopes. With the most common biological microscopes, the illumination from under the specimen shines through the object, but this microscope uses striking light. The advantage here is that the specimen to be examined does not always have to be very thin to view. You can use this microscope for larger objects such as gems and other natural objects.Monocular: looking with one eye The microscope is monocular, which means that the Bresser Bio Discover 20-1280x has one tube with one eyepiece that you can see through. An important advantage of a monocular microscope is that in terms of price they are often a lot cheaper than a binocular or trinocular microscope. If you want to connect a CCD camera or want to shoot through the microscope, a monocular microscope is preferable to a binocular microscope. This is because the light comes from a single microscope in a monocular microscope, in contrast to a binocular microscope that divides the light over two tubes. The main disadvantage of a monocular microscope is that you can only look at the preparations with one eye at a time.Objectives and eyepiece The Bresser Bio Discover 20-1280 is a microscope equipped with a revolver that offers space for three objectives. These lenses have a magnification of 4x, 10x and 40x. Two eyepieces are supplied with the microscope with a magnification of 5x and a magnification of 16x. In combination with the supplied lenses, you can then achieve a magnification of 20x to 640x. However, a Barlow lens is also included. When used, each magnification doubles again. This allows a maximum magnification of 1280 times.Full set The microscope comes with a large number of handy accessories. With these accessories you can get the most out of your microscope. For example, preparations and cover slips are included, as well as microscope specifications for making your preparations yourself. Below is a summary of the complete delivery.The microscopeEyepiece 5xEyepiece 16xBarlow lensMicroscope cutlerySix preparationsObject / cover glassesExperiment setCover cover


The Bresser Microscope Bio Discover 20x-1280x has a special design. The incident light is directly connected to the microscope stage. Thus, the microscope always has enough light to illuminate the various objects. The magnification of 20x - 1280x provides a range of magnifications that are applicable to a wide range of objects. An ideal microscope for viewing, for example, microorganisms, insects, plants, minerals and rocks. Package Contents * Bresser 20x-1280x Microscope BioDiscover * 2 wide angle eyepieces, 5x and 16x * Lenses, 4x, 10x and 40x * Barlow lens, 2x * Microscope utensils * 6 Prepared slides * Object glasses / cover glasses * Microtome * Shrimp Eggs * Growing kit * Sea salt * Yeast (shrimp food) * Pipette * AC adapter (230v) * Dust Cover

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Brand: Bresser
Category: Microscopes
EAN: 4007922152080
Gender: unisex


Bresser 5013000 BioDiscover Microscopio (AL/DL, 40x 1280x)