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Bresser, 30 preparazioni per Microscopio (Corpo Umano)

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Discover the animal worldThis preparation set from Bresser is intended to learn more about humanity and their parasites. In the sturdy wooden box there are 30 pre-prepared microscope slides, each with a human tissue. This way you can take a look in the human body with your biological microscope. The preparations are colored for an extra contrast enhancing image.The set consists of the following preparations:Loose connective tissueHyaline cartilageElastic cartilageSpineClavicleHigh density boneSmooth muscleSkeletal muscleTendon RabbitSquamous Epithelium from Human MouthSimple Plat EpitheliumStratified Plat EpitheliumVibrating epitheliumHuman Skin, through Her FollicleHuman Skin, by Sweat Follicle LongLung with blood, vessels injectedKidney with blood, vessels injectedArtery & VeinHuman BloodLymph nodeThyroidGastric wallSmall intestineLiverHeart muscleTesticleOvaryKidneyHuman Chromosome

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Brand: Bresser
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Bresser, 30 preparazioni per Microscopio (Corpo Umano)