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Basil B Safe Nordlicht backpack

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Safe on the go with the B-SafeThe B-Safe backpack from the brand Basil not only ensures that your belongings are well protected, but that you are also safe on the road. Thanks to the integrated LED lighting you are clearly visible to other road users, especially at dusk or in the dark. A rain shower survives the B-Safe with ease, since the backpack is completely waterproof.Well protected and sturdy materialThanks to the well hidden zipper, the bag can hardly be opened by someone else. This keeps your things well protected against grasping hands. The B-Safe has a padded laptop compartment so you can easily take your laptop with you. Thanks to the USB cable you can quickly and easily charge your smartphone into the bag.

Product Details

Brand: Basil
  • 8715019177750
Material: polyester
Color: black
Gender: male


Basil B Safe Nordlicht backpack