Bigshopper Premium Google CSS Partner
20% lower click costs in Google Shopping through Bigshopper





Bigshopper Premium Google CSS Partner

Through Google CSS partner (Comparison Shopping Service) Bigshopper it is possible to advertise 20% cheaper in Shopping.

Why collaborate with Bigshopper CSS?

Don't you work with a CSS partner for your advertising? You will be paying 25% higher click costs than your competitor that advertises via a Google CSS partner! Benefits of Bigshopper as Premium CSS partner:

Bigshopper Google CSS

Bigshopper Google Premium CSS Partner video

Comparison sites in Google Shopping results
Since 2017, it has been possible for comparison sites approved as Google's CSS Partner to appear in Google Shopping search results:

Ads from Google and from Google CSS partners are exactly the same, only the link under the advertisement differs ("By Google" or "By Bigshopper" for example). There is one big difference. An advertiser who uses Google Shopping through Google provides 20% margin. So, when that advertiser offers 1 euro per click, only 80 cents goes into the auction! Through a CSS Partner, 100% of the bid goes into the auction. This means a bid increase of 25% without increasing the bids!

Bigshopper since 2007
Bigshopper is one of the first price comparison sites. Our website has been helping consumers since 2007 to find the best deal. Bigshopper is independent and does not sell products. We refer visitors from Bigshopper to the connected webshops without charging click costs. Bigshopper does not work with afilliate links. In short, both clicks to Bigshopper from Google and from Bigshopper to your webshop are free.

When advertisers offer 1 euro per click via Google, only 80 cents go into the auction. Through a Google CSS partner, 100% enters the auction.

This means a bid increase of 25% without increasing the bids!

Prices Bigshopper

Contact us directly for a tailor-made proposal (can always be canceled on a monthly basis, no CPCs and a 20% discount in Google Shopping)

Start now and take advantage immediately
The set-up consists of three simple steps:

  1. Contact us to start.
  2. Send us your Google Shopping feed so that we can load your products on to Bigshopper.
  3. Send us an email with permission to link your Google Merchant Center to the Bigshopper CSS.

Please note that we do not need access to your Google Merchant Center or your Google Ads account. We have no insight into your data from Google Ads or the Merchant Center. Nor is it necessary to make changes to existing campaigns. This means that you have full control over your account and campaigns. The set-up is quick and easy.

Bigshopper and Partners
Bigshopper is there for agencies, freelancers, e-commerce platforms, in-house SEM teams and webshops. We help our partners to achieve CSS Shopping benefits for their customers and to increase visibility in a transparent way through Bigshopper.

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