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The snowshoe hike fascinates more and more people every year. The trend is easy to explain when you consider the benefits of snowshoes. A snowshoe increases the contact surface on the snow enormously and distributes body weight effectively. This allows you to make good progress in deeper snow without sinking.
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Snowshoeing is just the right choice for anyone who likes to walk off the beaten track through the winter landscape or is looking for an alternative to skiing. Snow shoes can be used flexibly and do not involve high material or cost costs. You don't need skis or special boots. Ski poles or touring poles and the obligatory avalanche equipment for alpine terrain are all you need for your tour with additional equipment. Snowshoe hiking is equally interesting for children, adults and seniors, the technical movement skills can be learned quickly and a sense of performance can be achieved in a very short time. So you can experience winter in all its facets.

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Naturally, snowshoes are not only suitable for mountaineers who like to walk comfortably. They also offer great advantages for ambitious mountain enthusiasts in winter. For ice climbers, they are a welcome tool for climbing to remote ice traps. Their great advantage is that they can be used with the same mountain boots worn while climbing. Snowboarders appreciate the flexibility of lightweight snowshoes that allow a quick climb and can be attached to the backpack when descending. This means that even snowboarders can enjoy deep-snow descents that would otherwise only be accessible with touring skis.

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Depending on the purpose and condition of the terrain, there are different snow shoe models. For easier walks on the plain and in undulating terrain, beginners will do well to choose a reasonably priced entry-level model. More difficult terrain requires a stable professional model with sophisticated technical details. In principle, snowshoes differ in plastic models and those with an aluminium frame. There are also variants with carbon components, which are extremely stable and ultra-light. An aluminium snow shoe consists of a lightweight aluminium frame with a plastic cover that provides buoyancy in the snow. They are very similar in form and function to the traditional wooden models used by the North American Indians to move in snowy landscapes. This type of snow shoe is mainly used in deep snow and on easier terrain. Compare them here at Bigshopper. Plastic snowshoes come in different designs, from the simple beginner's model to the sports equipment for extreme alpine tours. They consist of a hard and cold resistant plastic. They are available in different sizes and with different accessories.

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