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Long pants, who doesn't wear them? Was there a time when this garment was meant for men, that time is long gone. Of course the ladies still have the possibility to wear a skirt, but it's long gone by the pants anyway. As for the length: in summer you can wear shorts, and that goes for both ladies and men, but only when the sun is shining brightly. Long pants, on the other hand, can be worn anytime, anywhere.
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A closet full of long trousers

Now long trousers are actually the basis for the majority of all outfits, it is important to have lots of them. Everyone has a preference for a certain type of pants and for a certain style and on Bigshopper you can compare them all. You can also get ideas and compare different brands. So you can find out what you like best; do you go for exclusivity or do you like a competitive price? Maybe something of both? No problem, because nowhere else will you find as many long trousers as at Bigshopper.

From sporty to elegant

Long trousers differ from each other in style, fabric and model. Some swear by sporty, elastic long trousers. Others go for elegance. If you want trousers with lots of pockets and an adventurous look, there are the work trousers, also known as cargo trousers. Mostly made of cotton in a khaki color, you look like you can go into the jungle at any time. Furthermore you have elegant chinos for work and jogging pants for the sporty ones. And what about leggings? Compare the different models and make your choice!

Jeans lovers

The jeans is perhaps universally the most popular: the fabric is comfortable and there are few garments that you can combine so well with anything. Whether you go for elegant with a blazer or casual with a T-shirt, jeans can achieve the desired effect.

Compare all long trousers

It's a good idea to take a critical look at your own style: maybe you should try something completely different. If you always wear bootcut, try skinny. If you usually go for the chic cut, try a more relaxed model for a change. That's the nice thing about this site: you can compare endlessly, get ideas and finally make your choice.