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Tangle Teezer is a British manufacturer of detangling hairbrushes. The company was founded in 2007 and today the brushes are sold in more than 70 countries. The detangling hairbrushes let you carefree brush your hair without having to worry about tangles or hair breakage. The Tangle Teezer is used from the root of your hair and then slides down to the tips. This prevents the brush from getting stuck and causing your hair to break. You can compare many colors and models.

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The original Tangle Teezer hairbrush fits in the palm of your hand and does not have a handle. This brush was invented by a hairdresser who was looking for a safe way to detangle hair without damaging the hair when brushing. You can use the hairbrush on all hair types, from style to curly and frizzy hair. Also wigs, hair pieces and extensions can be easily detangled. Use the brush on dry or wet hair and move it down with long strips. The unique two-stage teeth ensure that the brush glides through the hair. In addition, your scalp is massaged which results in healthier hair follicles.

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Tangle Teezer has a special collection of compact hairbrushes that you can easily carry in your bag. Whether you're going on vacation, a weekend away or you like to take your hairbrush with you while walking, Tangle Teezer has the solution. The compact hairbrushes are foldable so you can always store them somewhere. The brushes are constructed using the same technology as the original hairbrushes, with two-stage teeth for a soft and tangle-free result. All hairbrushes are suitable for both women and men.

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The original hairbrushes from Tangle Teezer are not suitable to use in combination with heat. For this reason, there is a separate collection of styling hairbrushes that you can safely use in combination with a hairdryer. Go for a round brush if you want to blow-dry your hair full of natural resilience and volume. The innovative teeth ensure fast and gentle styling of your hair. The teeth pick up the hair at the root for a great lift. So you can enjoy hair with natural volume, resilience, overall smoothness and shine. The brush can be used in combination with a hairdryer so you no longer need curling irons or straighteners.