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PNY is an American technology company that produces external hard drives, flash memory cards, USB sticks, graphics cards, portable battery chargers and much more. The company was founded in 1985 by Gadi Cohen and is based in New York. A separate industry was established for the European market when demand continued to grow there, called PNY Technologies Europe. Compare the range to find the technical product that meets your needs.

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Compare external hard drives

An external hard drive, also called a solid-state drive or SSD, can be used to store documents, photos, videos, books and much more in a secure place. By leaving everything on your laptop or computer, you run the risk of losing your files if your laptop or PC fails. Your computer will also slow down if you leave all your files on it. With an SSD your laptop gets a speed boost because you just copy heavy programs to the external hard drive. If you send a file to the SSD it takes almost no time at all. You send it at 500 MB per second. The SSD is shockproof so you can safely take it with you when you go on vacation and want to transfer your photos right away.

Compare PNY video cards

A video card is the solution for gamers looking for the highest image quality. With a video card (gpu) from PNY, you get a chipset with different computing cores and a lightning-fast clock time. As a result, your game doesn't lag, saving you a lot of frustration. How fast your game is played depends on the video card you choose. G-Sync and Ray Tracing ensures that you experience a smooth and realistic gameplay. The video cards are equipped with two fans to prevent overheating.

PNY gimbals compare

PNY produces memory solutions and products for gamers as well as a wide range of accessories for mobile phones. If you like to shoot movies with your smartphone, it is advisable to take a look at the gimbal from PNY. This is a stabilizer that allows you to film images that look very professional. So you can capture the most beautiful moments and use features such as slow motion, timelapse, face tracking and panorama. Then you can edit your movie with various filters. The stabilizer works for 12 hours, after which you can recharge it via the USB outlet.