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The American company Lowepro specializes in carrying bags for cameras and accessories. The brand offers both hobby photographers and professional studios a wide range of solutions for the question that every photographer or filmmaker has to deal with, namely: how can I safely transport and carry my equipment? Lowepro has the perfect solution for everyone. For holidaymakers who want to protect their compact camera from the dangers of sand and dust, the brand has a series of rock solid and beautifully designed carrying bags and waist bags that can take a beating. For photographers who want to carry a complete set of equipment, including extra lenses, filters, a tripod and many other accessories, there is a collection of large photo bags, cases and special backpacks full of handy compartments. Professionals who go out with multiple cameras and large, heavy telephoto lenses can go to Lowepro for a series of comfortable and very robust roll cases that can be classified according to their own preference. Compared to the competition, this manufacturer is innovative, with ever new inventions and improvements. For example, the brand has developed a special product for use in photography under cold weather conditions. Gloves have been developed with a special top of index finger and thumb. These tips can easily be twisted away, leaving your fingers free to operate your camera unhindered. If we compare the camera bags of this brand with the competition, not only the excellent quality but also the tasteful and convenient design stands out.
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The history of Greg Lowe and his camera bags

As an enthusiastic mountaineer and photographer, the American Greg Lowe had a lot to remark on the camera bags that were made in the 60s. Under the motto 'I can do better' he decided to develop them himself. In Denver, situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, he started his own brand Lowepro in 1967 with camera bags which, compared to other brands, stood out because of the clever layout. The company quickly grew into a major exporter of camera bags that appeared in stores all over the world. At you can easily compare all models.

With Lowepro in the air in

The company is also responding to the latest development in the world of photography and film: the use of a drone to capture beautiful images from the air. In order to transport these precious and fragile devices easily and safely, Lowepro has launched a series of carrier bags especially for drones.