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Loreal Paris: love of beauty

Nobody else stands as much for innovations in beauty and care as Loreal Paris. The combination of luxury products, extensive advertising campaigns and an excellent price-performance ratio makes the label one of the most popular cosmetics brands in the world. The love for beauty and aesthetics is the driving force behind the brand's intensive research and new creations. The close collaboration with the film and fashion world and talented designers makes Loreal Paris a trendy brand that continues to set new accents with exceptional collections in the field of cosmetics. Discover the luxurious and creative world of Loreal Paris.
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A new dimension in cosmetics

Loreal Paris Make-up gives every woman a perfect look with unique products that convince in effectiveness and application. Whether bright colours or natural shades, the brand leaves nothing to be desired. The products provide the basis for every look and a flawless complexion. The Nude Magique line emphasizes and accentuates natural beauty. Whether liquid make-up, BB cream or the optical camouflage stick, all products adapt to the skin tone and blend with the complexion of the skin. The result is flawless and natural skin. Other make-up series are Age Perfect, Sculpt Indefectible, Lumi Magique and Perfect Match.

The studio of Loreal Paris

The label's advertising campaigns always feature top class celebrities and stars. Who doesn't want to look like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria or Heike Makatsch? L'Oréal Paris makes it possible with innovative care products and effective cosmetics and make-up. The brand's mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and eye shadow create unique moments. Long-lasting formulas, precise applicators and a wide range of colors provide spectacular makeup or a natural look. Loreal Paris lipstick and nail polish bring colour to life.

The brand's lipsticks are in line with current trends. Color Rich Serum Anti Age rejuvenates lips and gives them seductive colors. The Indefectible series offers intensive and long-lasting colour in matt or glossy shades. Color Riche not only gives lips the desired color, but also softly cares for sensitive skin. The product lines Indefectible Color Riche, La 2-in-1 Protect Manicure, Fast Dry and Diamond Force ensure perfect nails. Rich colors, long durability, perfect care and easy application are the characteristics of the nail products of L'Oréal Paris.